Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The worst words

In a family conversation, one time, someone said, "I think you should" and I interrupted immediately, by saying, "I think those are the four worst words in the world." I believe they never need to be spoken, even adult to child.

There are much kinder ways to communicate;  I am a Dr. Benjamin Spock graduate who learned, early on, that a parent needs to treat the children with as much respect as house guests. Presuming we are gracious to our guests.

 At this point, someone else chimed in, "I think 'shut up' are the worst of words, and then another nominated "you dirty liar" as their worst.  So if you see the banner on our family tree, know that "I think you should shut up you dirty liar",  stands for the best of us, and judge us accordingly.

 I am sure there are families all over who have had similar discussions, each one with their version of what is unacceptable. They just don't need to tell me that I should like theirs as well as I like mine.


  1. But YOU's in California! Loving the blog Wede--so amazing that you have one!

  2. Am I correct to note that you are the one who wrote It Must Have Been Moonglow? I love that book! It has helped me move on with dealing with losing two loved ones in my life a few years back.