Friday, December 4, 2009

Woe is We

My first thought this morning, before my eyes were really open, hit me right in the blog. If only Obama governed the way he plays basketball, America would, again, be all that it can be.

You know what I'm talking about: that half smile, the joy, the passion, the I-know-exactly-what- I-am- doing, the I'm in charge, get outta my way.  No time for slow deliberations, to pour over every option, devise a strategy.  Just go out there and make a few double-triples (whatever that is) and the game is as good as won.

Can't you see the other team, Achmininajad, Natanyahu, Karzi, and all that bunch, plus Glenn Beck and John McCain and mealy-mouthed Mitch McConnell muttering to themselves, "this guy really knows what he's doing" as they commit foul after foul, time running out, with no chance for them to win

You can think about style and substance. Obama has them in abundance. Style got us JFK. Substance got us Abraham Lincoln. Style and substance gave us FDR, four times.  On the campaign trail, Obama showed us both.  Now, it seems, he is weighted down with the substance and his style is cramped. Even Michelle's smile is beginning to look a little fake.

Come on, try for a few three-pointers, drive hard to the basket, "accidentally" throw an elbow. There are a lot of us cheering for you. Get my blood flowing, which my heart is increasingly unable to do. When you win, we all win. Just put on your Nike's and DO IT.      


  1. You make more sense and say it more constructively than any of the talking heads, Phyllis. Just realized they are called talking heads and not thinking heads for a reason.
    Lace up those high-tops, Mr. President.

  2. keep dribbling those sports metaphors :)

  3. My basketball references are vintage:, from the Jerry Lucas, Hondo Havlicek .Fred Taylor's years.