Thursday, December 17, 2009

A personal health care debate

I happen to have a great health care provider. I am not saying who or why, just that they are excellent: premiums, benefits, availability--  all any client could ask for. So what is my beef? Even this excellent provider is "tweaking" itself, and I have to wonder why?

After a call from a company I had never heard of, asking if they could come talk to me about my health care, I said "no" until I checked out the provider to see if this was legit.  They assured me that it was, that they were interviewing a random selection of their members about their services,  Another call to set up a date and time. Okay and on my calendar. I was then called to choose another date and I was still being agreeable.

One more call, by a third person, who said the other scheduler was confused. Her interviewer didn't actually work in this area.

Finally,yesterday, we had a sit-down, Ms. X and I. I answered 19 pages of questions, that ranged from the date of my tonsillectomy ( age 5) to the status of my mitral valves. (I have no idea; I think not so good.)

That I spent the time, that somebody (who?) spent the money for what really was a useless exercise, I have no idea.  My gut feeling is that some bureaucrat, somewhere, demanded this be done. When or how the information is transmitted, moved from paper to an electronic system, who, eventually, will use it will remain mysteries.

You think Joe Lieberman is messing up the health care bill? There are a bunch of Joes out there, doing too much, doing nothing.

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