Friday, December 11, 2009

Blogging is hazardous to my health

I am addicted to blogging. Before I open my eyes in the morning, unbidden, a blog subject grabs me,  In truth, sometimes I wake up at 3:00 a.m. and have to reach for the flashlight and note pad, that are beside my bed, to preserve the thought that woke me up. Is this normal? I think not.

I know a really, really good writer who writes one blog a week for CNN. ( You can find him on the CNN home page, I'm sure). I receive it as a link from the author, Bob Greene.) He is an excellent columnist and author, and he can limit himself to writing once a week.  What is the matter with his mother who can't get three steps away from her desktop?

It is a terrible interruption for me to have to go to the bathroom.  I have half- lost interest in eating lunch. The sun shines bright in my living room, but I stay in the north-facing sitting room until I have finally had my say for the day.  My bedroom is aglow with sunshine and. once upon a time, I would take a short nap there, or just have an hour lie down. If I rest depends on finishing my blog.

And I can't start to write until I have read Facebook from top to bottom, news feed and live feed both. They suggest more blog ideas. And so it goes.

So I say to myself: "Hush your mouth, once in a while. You can't be interesting every day.  Let your ideas simmer for awhile, they may be richer, like good chicken soup."

Check in again tomorrow. I have no idea if I can quit cold turkey.


  1. since i'm not on facebook, (and the only reason i'd join is to read your face book 'page'?) i LOVE reading your blogs!! DON"T stop--it gives me joy to know your'e doing something that makes you feel good!!
    xoxo moo

  2. Please don't limit yourself, Phyllis. Your work is about touching, connecting. Why would you choose to restrict the number of times you do that? Don't judge your output or worry about whether it is your best soup. It is soup for us, nourishes and nurtures us. Please don't ration our soup.

  3. Making soup is an act of love...eating it is receiving that love. Please don't ration your words as they are always so thoughtful, wise, and truthful. We all feel your arms around us with your thoughts, just as your soup warms our soul. Keep blogging. Please.

  4. I'm really not at all serious about quitting. I just couldn't. I'm enjoying it too much. But I may take a vacation day or two, like today. I have books to read....

  5. And why is it that we all search for your blog... because we need our chicken soup. Our mothers told us that chicken soup heals the soul. We won't put that burden on you but each day you make ours a little lighter and that is a good thing.

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. No one ever thrived on my stand- at- the- stove cooking, but I am happy that my verbal soup has some nourishment.

  7. I'm loving your verbal soup! Hey! Is that another typo trick? .... Herbal Soup? ;)