Sunday, December 13, 2009

Anchor A' way ( for news groupies only)

As usual, I fell asleep before the end of Gwen Ifill, on Friday night. Not her fault. It's just something I do. It likely is in my DNA.

 I have been a great fan of Washington Week in Review from it's beginning in 1967. The Duke- Bode years were fabulous, and Gwen is great. I feel a special bond with returning guests,  I remember Cokie Roberts husband was an early regular.

 I especially wanted to be awake at 8:30 on Friday, because I just knew Gwen was going to announce that this was her last night.

And how was I privy to this switch, to come.  Jon Stewart had practically tortured Gwen into admitting that she would soon replace George Stephanopolous on ABC's  Sunday morning This Week.

So where was George headed? This was getting to be very complicated. Diane Sawyer is to be the evening news anchor on ABC to replace Charlie Gibson. George, it seems, is headed for Diane's old spot on the ABC morning show. I never watch morning shows, unless they have a special guest.

Many people get up and turn on the TV before they brush their teeth. My teeth are a high priority for me, because they have served me so well for so many years. I miss the first news of the day, but I know it is right there on my laptop. As the world spins on its axis.

I had made myself comfortable with the old gang. Katie had taken over for Dan, and I do think she is good. But CBS has so un-perked her that I miss that homey charm of The Today show.And then Tom Brokaw  moved on to write wonderful books. And charming, urbane Peter Jennings died.

So PBS, please make the announcement. The suspense is killing me.

 Maybe, just maybe, Gwen is headed to CNN, dressed as Wolf Blitzer.


  1. Stu said I would not find this of interest because I am not a news junkie. He is right about my lack of focus on the talking heads, wrong about my interest in your topic. To my thinking so few journalists bring value to public discourse, Tom Friedman, Anna Quinlan. I miss Tim Russert as does every thinking American. So much of it now seems like the Tower of Babel, made into what is intended to be a blockbuster entertainment event, rather than news. I like Diane Sawyer, Katie, Gwen and Brian Williams, I just wish the evening news had some depth to it. I get more from the Daily Show than any of the national newscasts.

  2. I don't know Gwen so Stu would have a field day with me. I miss Molly and Tim. Mom just read (okay listened to) Big Russ and loved it. I just plain miss having the time to read and watch these shows, but I really miss Molly. No one ever came close to making me laugh about cancer as she did and no one took on Texas like she did. She made me laugh. I dvr the Daily Show.