Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TLC skin care

I wish my mother, gone now these many years, could know about the attention being lavished on her ninety year old daughter's skin. She could rest in peace, at last.

What I didn't do for my skin was the bane of her existence. In every other way, I know she found me a loving and devoted daughter; she thought (wrongly) that I was perfect inside, but what, oh what, she bemoaned was how bad my outside was becoming.

I showered daily and washed my face, morning and night, with plain, old soap. It was easy and quick, and no one could have been cleaner."Cold cream your face", she would say repeatedly, as she would look at me, glowing, I thought within the love of my family.

We used perfectly good soap, too.  There was something about the smell of Ivory soap that Bob couldn't stand, so I bought Palmolive or any brand o the grocery shelf, preferably on sale. I didn't use any lotion on my skin while I sat in the sun. Pool side or at the beach, my skin was just out there.

After one lovely Thanksgiving dinner full of turkey and gratitude, as we all sat in my brother's living room, my mother looked at me , and by then, my very visible wrinkles and said, "If you don't do something about your skin, I'm not going to let you balance my check book any more! "  What an incentive. There was no one else to do it. At least, no one offered. I remember that evening with such joy.

But now, now when it really doesn't matter, my skin is being cared for with such tenderness that I wish I could tell her about it. My caregivers choose what goes on my skin; at the moment,Oil of Olay Cream Oil intensive body lotion after a shower with Oil of Olay Supreme Cream Oil body wash. This should make the Proctor and Gamble people pretty happy, but not as happy as it would make my mother.

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  1. I am not certain that it is the ointments that matter, Phyllis. You are radiant and that comes from within.