Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Greenes

I'm dreaming of a white Xmas, and an overly decorated Xmas and a sick Xmas, all like the ones I used to know.  I have run the gamut, from 1919 until now, and the so, so various versions are dancing like sugar-free plums in my head.

So some random Yuletide thoughts:

I am especially touched as the local TV news features a message, nightly, from a soldier in Iraq or a Marine in Iran or a military family stationed in Germany. As they send a Christmas greetings to their family, here in Ohio, they each finish their thirty-seconds with "Go Bucks." Why do we mean so much to each other because of a football team?  It seems unbelievable. But those two words have become the essence of my living in this wonderful community.  So merry Christmas, Buckeyes, wherever you are.

I'm remembering the Santa Clauses I have known. Three real Santas,  and the invisible one -and- only who came in the night.

It was around 1930 that the first red suited Jolly St. Nick arrived.  He was the tall, thin boyfriend of a German babysitter who lived with us,  He walked in Christmas morning, bringing my brother and me a Scottie puppy. The most trembly little pooch ever.  In the space, between the legs of a cabinet in our living room,  Dink went, and stayed for all the years he lived with us.

Debby (DG) had her tonsils removed too close to Christmas. She couldn't go down town to Lazarus to see Santa, so Santa came to her. Up the driveway, in a cab. And after that, generation after generation, we all trooped down to the jolly old man with our gift lists. I was still at it with my grandchildren, until only Bob and I lived here.

There was a third appearance  at our house on Bryden Road.  It was a friend in a not-too-convincing red costume, and he ho-ho-ho'd and I think, stopped to have a drink. From the wonders of childhood to the joy of being  fifty.

I have gone the whole nine yards, from stockings on the mantel to trees aglow, angels on the table, the Bexley elementary school choir record on the stereo, from a bow-tied staircase and outdoor lights to an everyday decor (one poinsettia).  I am happy and content. Thinking of the gifts received over these years, a happy marriage, three loving and attentive children, beautiful grandchildren--and even great grandchildren, I know I have been, way out of proportion, blessed.

Peace on earth and Joy to the world.

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