Thursday, September 16, 2010

On being overwhelmed

To all of you who saw the BBC post of this 90 year old blogger and took the time to write me from all over the world: I, from whose mouth and fingers words usually pour out, I am nigh on to speechless.Thank you, thank you everyone. 

And thanks to Daniel Sieberg and his crew for such sensitive editing... and for wanting to come to Columbus to meet DG and me in the first place.

I knew that the media's reach was far and wide --but the speed in which I got comments from all over the world was incredible.

With gratitude to all of you. May the days ahead be good for all of you. I send my best wishes.


  1. I was incredibly touched by the video story about you on the BBC. I am now following your blog and looking forward to future posts. Thank you so much for your insights. You are an inspiration.

    Portland, Oregon :)

  2. Thank you for allowing the piece to be done, and three cheers to you for your beautiful attitude. I would like to follow your blogs, and share a bit of what is happening here on the Oregon Coast - if you are interested.
    Louise in Newport, OR.

  3. Hey Ms Greene!
    You are going to touch many many more people now! I'm already back multiple times today! :)

  4. Dear Mrs. Greene - How wonderful to e-meet you! I can't wait to be 90 now! I have the utmost respect for the entire hospice system and wish it was more talked about - my beloved stepmother was in hospice care, sadly dying of cancer. The nurses are wonderful, the space doesn't smell of hospitals! And there is a kind of peace - we all have to die sometimes, I wish everyone could be looked after well, after all they have done during thier lives. I look forward to reading your blogs as often as you post them!

    With warm best wishes,

  5. Hi from Macedonia (small country in South-Eastern Europe). I watched your video, and your attitude is inspiration for many of us who in our late twenties and early thirties are running through life in search for new endeavors and achievements without finding time to appreciate the present moments. Because of what you said I promise to myself to cherish every moment of my life and the life of my family and to be more positive about the future … Thanks, and hope that we will witness much more blogging from you in the future years. All the best! Irena (29, mother of 8 months daughter Mia). Macedonia.

  6. I just watched the BBC video in France and I feel very humbled by your strength and courage. You are an inspiration!

  7. I'm a Turkish bloger who watched your video on BBC. It took me very long time to decide to start writing my blog but I did it. And now seeing you inspired me more than anything.

  8. Hi, It's my 54th birthday today and I hope that I make 90 and beyond and have such a sharp mind as you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all us young whippersnappers. :-)

  9. Greetings from Brazil, Wedeb! Loved your BBC interview and I will follow your posts on a daily basis from now on. Keep up! =)

    David Farias

  10. Dear Mrs. Greene,
    You can add Switzerland to your list of admirers!
    Take care,

  11. I just saw the BBC piece on your blog, and felt motivated to look for you and write to say. "You go, girl!". :)

    My own mother passed away this February at 94. I work as a graphic designer on a computer all day long, and she used to love to hear all about what I was doing, my online communities and blogs, and Twitter and Facebook. Many times she would call me up to ask about some technology story she'd seen on CNN and have me explain it to her so she could feel up-to-date. :) I often brought my laptap to her home so she could experience the internet for herself first-hand. Your interview reminded me so much of her delightful spirit and enthusiasm for new things. May you long continue to blog – and know that your story has touched many hearts out in cyberspace. (((hugs)))

  12. I'm a 28-year-old in Virginia and I watched your story on BBC News online. There will probably be a lot more 90-year-old bloggers when my generation gets to be your age, but for you not having grown up in the "computer age", what you're doing is really incredible.

    I'm so glad blogging is there to provide an outlet for you while you are in hospice because you have so much to share with the world! People will definitely remember you fondly, as you hoped.

    Thank you for being an inspiration!

  13. Dear Mrs. Greene,

    I just saw BBC's report on you and your blog. Just the other day I was talking about how old I felt about being among the first of my friends to turn twenty; now I can only hope to be as gracious and grateful for life when I turn 90 as you are now.

    In today's world it's sometimes easy to forget the things to be thankful for. I know I take my good health for granted. You're an inspiration for me to remember that it is the basic things in life, not material things, that I should be appreciating.

    -Kelly O'Rourke

  14. I've just come from the BBC article too. I can't tell you just what an inspiration you are! I will be reading all your posts, both the ones that have been published already, and the ones we can look forward to seeing.

  15. Hi phyliss , this is cg from India. Keep counting you are getting popular , I don't know why but I am feeling good for that....... :)

  16. Dear Mrs. Greene,

    I also read the article about you on BBC and you are an inspiration. Thanks for reminding me that no matter what age we are, keeping our childish enthusiasm and an open mind will keep us young and connected to the world. You make 90 look great.

  17. Hello, my name is Cecilia and I´m from Uruguay. I wold like to know how can I follow Mrs Greene from my facebook account. Thank you.

    Cecilia Chapores.

  18. I saw you on BBC. Great article. I love your willingness to not be afraid of our new technology!

    New York, NY

  19. Wow. If you'd like to start a collection of the countries from which your followers hail, you can add Canada, France, Spain, Argentina and Switzerland to your list (we're a diverse bunch!).

    I lost my grandfather 11 years ago. His spiral-bound writings and those he painstakingly typed on the computer he taught himself to use almost twenty years ago remain among my most cherished reminders of his life and wonderful influence.

    Were he alive today I know he would be blogging his heart out and would likely be one of your followers too! Thank you for what you do and for having the courage to let the BBC into your world, thereby opening it to many of us far and near. Looking forward to reading more.

  20. Dearest Mrs. Greene,

    at this moment I'm listening to you speak on the BBC and your voice just feels like a touch. A touch that is felt all the way in Slovenia (

    You have a wonderful heart! A wonderful one!


    radio girl

  21. Wau, I saw you in BBC. I have to immediately tell my grandmother that 90-years-old is able to use computer! And she is just greetings from Finland. (little country in North Europe)

  22. I saw your BBC interview and just wanted to give you thumbs up. I hope to be at least a bit like you if I ever get to be 90.

    Greetings from Slovenia.

  23. A kiss on your cheek, Phyllis. I am the manager of two independent senior homes in San Anselmo, CA and hear a great deal of complaining about everything from crumbs to clutter. It is so refreshing to hear and see someone who is content to live, think, write and bless the world. Peace every day to you. Chris

  24. Hi Mrs Greene

    I too saw your story on the BBC so I spent my lunch hour today catching up on your Blog. I really enjoyed reading it so now I'm subscribed to your RSS feed. A post you did back in May really caught my eye, you said 'Write your memories. You probably have no idea what it will mean to future generations.' That is so true. My Dad is in his 80's and for some time I've been asking him to write about his childhood - to be honest, I had to nag him a bit!! Eventually, his Church magazine needed an article and he wrote a couple of pages for them. Now I knew my Dad's family were very poor, but when I finally got to read his article, I discovered he had only ever received one toy in his entire childhood; one toy (a small fire engine). It made me think about kids today and what would they learn about the value of things if they were only allowed one toy. Now's there's a thought. Anyway, your point is so true - if my Dad hadn't written his childhood down, I would never have known just how poor their family actually was and having found out, I have an even greater appreciation for how hard he worked to provide for his children so I could have the benefits I have had in my life. So folks, take Mrs Greene's advice - write this stuff - you really don't know what it means to future generations.

    Yours from Canada, Mike.

  25. Hi! I watched your BBC interview just today. I was so surprised to find a woman like you who could still find time to make an account of her life.
    Right away, I searched the title of you blog, and read some. Truly inspiring and refreshing!
    I'll be sharing your site to some of my friends. God bless...

  26. How lovely to hear about you on the BBC, and then to come and find you here! I am a 41 year old blogger, and am partly writing to keep in touch with my mum who lives in another country. Like you, she is in the care of a hospice (part time, in her case). I found what you said very moving both as a blogger and as someone who is watching the end of a loved-one's life. Thank you so much for blogging and for sharing your story.

  27. Dear Madam,
    thank you kindly for reminding us how our global society is tightly knit and how we should live and savour every single moment here as unique!....
    Warmest greetings from Athens in Greece.

  28. I saw your BBC interview and was inspired to see an elder that has embraced technology as you have. I look forward to following you and your adventures on the Internet.

  29. It is indeed a pleasure to see a 90 year old is actively seeking the help of modern technology for expressing herself. And, obviously this is a motivation and inspiration for many out here think they are old and not good enough to learn and practice anything.

    Wish you all the very best and long live in good health. Prayers,
    Jacob Koyippally

  30. You are an amazing woman! You remind me of my own beautiful grandmother.


  31. Dear Ms Phyllis, a great thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts... greetings from Italy

  32. I too saw you on the BBC. Quite simply, you are an inspiration to us all.

    Love and best wishes from the UK

    Louise xx

  33. We're hearing you, and reading you, in Ireland, also!

    Thank you for sharing your story with me. Your words are beautiful, as is your soul...:-)

  34. you are amazing

    greetings from Turkey :)

  35. Saw your video on the BBC website and it made me smile, I've been going through a rough patch in my life at the moment. Your spirit and personality made me smile.

    Sean from Ireland!

  36. Thank you for being a voice from the older generation who are more often than not unheard, should I say unlistened to. I hope many more like you will find they can use technology to find a voice and use it to their own advantage.
    From Marie in The Netherlands

  37. Greetings from New York City,

    I just saw on BBC Online your story and read your blog. It is inspiring as it shows the rewards of a old age: joy at the simplest but most important pleasures and the satisfaction of having lived a full and engaged life. Keep it up. We're anxious to hear more!

    Laura C.

  38. Dear Ms. Greene,

    You're an inspiring and amazing lady! I really hope you continue to blog, enjoy the internet and encourage others to do as you are doing, for many years to come.

    Best wishes,


  39. Ah! I saw the clip on facebook. Me and my friends talks about how incredible you are. I hope that I will be as happy and engaging as you are when I'm 90!

    Wish you all the best!
    Hugs from SWEDEN!
    Kram(hug in swedish)/Linnéa

  40. Dear Ms Greene,

    like so many others I have just watched your impressive video story on BBC.

    Starting some time ago, my own father, who was 81 last month, also decided to give new technolgies a try and so far he has managed to write down his life's memories in almost 500 pages using a wordprocessor on a computer. He is enjoying it so much that he is currently adding photo scans from our family albums to his stories ...
    Thank you so much for blogging and sharing your story. Love and best wishes from Germany.


  41. God bless you Phyllis from Barcelona, Spain.

    Just saw your report on the BBC website and thought it prudent to pass on my regards from my country.

    My Family pass on their love and blessings.


  42. I just watched the clip on BBC! You are extremely inspiring. I don't even know how to thank you. HUGE lesson from u to me:"...when wonderful things happened to you, you should stop acknowledge... share them...". As someone who has been depressed over life before, this is a life changing quote for me; beleive me !!! Love from Canada.

  43. Dear Ms. Greene,

    I just watched your video and was incredibly touched by your story and am inspired by your attitude in embracing life and focusing on the blessings that you have.

    I will continue to follow this wonderful blog as long as you wish to write it. God bless all the way from Ireland.


  44. All I can add is: You go, girl!

  45. Hello Grandma,

    I saw your video on BBC.You are truly wonderful I have a grandmother at home who is also as wonderful as you.. i wonder if i should introduce her to the computer too...

    I wish you good health and happy blogging!


  46. You are extremely inspiring.

    "when wonderful things happened to you, you should stop and acknowledge them and share them"

    I wish you the best you are a GREAT lady

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  48. Hello Phyllis Greene

    I just saw your video on BBC, wonderful…. pls keep it up………
    I am 32 year old from Delhi, India ………
    Wish you good health....

  49. Yes, I too saw your BBC America interview. A number of years ago I had a friend in England who learned the computer when she was almost 100. I wrote to her and asked if I could visit as I was going to be in England; she wrote back that a meeting wasn’t possible as she was "racing against the clock" to finish her autobiography. She completed the task - the book's called Century Story. Middle aged now, I often wonder where the time went. It's probably a rhetorical question to ask how it feels to be 90, or 85 like my mother, or any advanced age. I guess I'm interested in knowing what you've learned along the way that you'd like to pass on.

  50. I think you are fantastic.
    I see the light burning in those eyes.
    Keep on, keeping on.

    Hello and best wishes from Australia.

  51. Hey Phyllis. Loved the BBC report. You clearly understand what it is to be a blogger and the gift you're making in the future for those who love you.

    You're an inspiration!

    All the best

    Simon :-)

    (Also a blogger at )

  52. Your story brought tears to my eyes.
    Your strength and endurance are an inspiration. I wish that when I become 70 (still 35 years to go) I'll have your energy and attitude towards life.

    All the best to you, Phyllis!
    Ken (from Lübeck, Germany)

  53. Saw the BBC report from here in California and wanted to add my thanks to those of others here! You are indeed an inspiration.

    Jan Burke

  54. Hello Phyllis, greetings from Guatemala City, Guatemala.

    After know about you in BBC article, I was found very motivating the reason behind why you decided to make your own blog. I got it as a huge inspiration to me. I am dealing with my English proper writing as a second language, eventually I will able to make my own blog as you did.


  55. Hello Ms Greene,
    I am from Brazil and I have just seen your interview at Congratulations! I was touched by your words and I wish you keep on writing because it can transform the life of many people. It was a huge inspiration to me.
    Sao Paulo / Brazil

  56. Hi,
    My husband sent me the link of your BBC interview and I also watched on TV. I could not resist and started following you. I have never written a blog but now I think I will. Congratulations and my good wishes to you. Please keep writing. I am from India and my father is 85. I am going to email him this link.
    Regards and wish you a healthy life

  57. You are an amazing lady Phyllis! Enjoyed watching your BBC interview and loved reading your posts. May you continue in good health and write many more.
    God bless

  58. Dear Ms. Greene,

    Hello from Singapore! I saw the your video today on BBC and I must thank you! You are truly an inspiration to me. Please continue writing, I love the sound and atmosphere of your posts. We have recently bought a computer for my grandmother in Romania and we are using it to skype. From this point of view, technology is truly a blessing.


  59. Hello, Phyllis! I just saw your BBC interview on my computer here in Los Angeles and had to look up your blog! You are a wonderful writer and the words and thoughts that you post on these pages are inspirational. Please keep writing! I'll be following your blog and sending some California sunshine your way! :)

  60. wow wede..i feel so fortunate to have such a famous aunt!! amazing from around the globe!!! incredible :) i saw a little of dah in you today, and it made me sad and certainly have lived a wonderful life, and i hope it continues for a long while. xoxox

  61. Hello Phyllis, My name is Adam and I'm from Toronto, Canada. I'm very proud of you for embracing technology and using it to your advantage. You made me really think about when I get older and how much family is important!

    Take care,


  62. Hi Phyllis.
    You are truly an inspiration for the 20-something year olds like me around the world! You can officially add Toronto to your long list of fans. I came across your interview on BBC today and right away, I found myself searching up your blog! I'm blown away by your zest for life and your bubbly personality. You are truly a wonderful writer, and you have inspired me to be more grateful for the more simple things in life :) Don't ever stop doing what you do!

  63. Hello from Hong Kong Phyllis. I just watched you on the BBC and I must say you're a pretty impressive lady!

    I used to volunteer in a care home for the elderly when I lived back home in the UK. The main thing that used to upset some of the frailer residents was the feeling of loneliness and being cut off from the outside world. I believe that you can show people in that sort of situation that there is a whole world out there for them to explore via the world wide web.

    God bless you and happy blogging!


  64. Hi Phyllis,
    This is Andrew L. from Toronto, Canada, and although it's been a wet and miserable day here today, just reading and hearing your story on the BBC website brought an immense ray of sunshine into my day. I'm a computer geek myself, and it is truly touching to see you using technology to enrich not only your own life, but reaching out and touching so many others at the same time. God Bless You... and keep on blogging!

  65. Mrs Greene,
    I'm not the one to write sappy comments but I couldn't help to leave a short note to say how amazing and inspirational your story is. Well done and keep it up.
    Scotland - Pennsylvania

  66. Dear Mrs Greene,

    Greetings from a Brit living in Ontario, Canada. I too saw the BBC video clip about your blog and found it fascinating. I truly hope I can write as well as you do.

    Best wishes, Elizabeth

  67. Saw you on BBC. Reading your blog from Japan.

  68. Dear Mrs Greene,
    Thank you.
    -Julia Luckenbill

  69. Dear Ms. Green,

    As a woman half your age, with suspected fibromyalgia and other musculoskeletal issues, i just wanted to take a moment to say your story has touched and inspired me. Thanks for that interview on the BBC. i am humbled and in awe, at once. May your journey be happy and find you surrounded with all the love, joy and peace you could ever imagine, and more.

    All my best regards,


  70. Mrs. Greene,

    I saw your video on BBC and I was so touched. You're such an amazing, inspiring person, and it's great that you're sharing your words and thoughts with others. Your blog and your story has honestly been such a ray of light in hard times for me. It's helped me put things into perspective, and I just love your writing, it's so sweet and thoughtful. Thank you!

    I look forward to reading more! And happy blogging :) ♥

  71. Hello Phyllis from upstate NY. It appears that your 15 minutes of fame have arrived! Saw you on the BBC like most others here. I'm exactly one third your age this month, but feel as if I haven't yet accumulated a mere one tenth your wisdom. :) Best wishes!

    P.S. You mention in a previous post the trouble you have reaching for the thesaurus every time you require it - why not use this one on the web instead? No reaching necessary!

  72. Please add New Zealand to your list :) I have enjoyed reading your blog - as others have said you are an inspiration to us all *hugs

  73. I too was touched by the BBC post. I am struggling with a couple of difficult family situations at the moment and your warmth and postive attitude made me ashamed for my negativity. Good thing too! Thank you.

  74. Phyllis, greetings from Fredericktown, Ohio. I just had to add my two cents and tell you myself how amazing I think you are. My Mom is 89 and won't touch the computer. She's amusing enough with a cellphone, let me tell you. Anyway, the weather here is cooling down nicely, and gee wasn't that a great storm we just had? I really enjoyed "meeting" you online. Take care. I'll be reading your blog.

  75. Hi from Costa Rica! I also read you article on the BBC and was very touched by it! Your spirit reminded me of my own 81yr old grandmother!! She keeps in touch with lots of her old schoolmates through emails now and loves to use the computer...even though it frustrates her sometimes :)

  76. Hi Greene, Saw the video on BBC. I can say Tradition and Technology at one place. Who told you are 90? ... Bullshit, You are 110-90(20 year old). You are an Inspiration and a good example to others. Take care. -Raja

  77. Dear Mrs. Greene,

    I was searching the web and doing nothing particularly interesting when my friend (Kelly O'Rourke who beat me to posting a comment) sent me a message about this video that had really touched her, and it was your BBC video.

    Watching it was the highlight of my day, and will hopefully be the highlight of my week. I truly hope that when I make it to 90 that my mind is as sharp as yours and that I can be at least have as gracious. You are an inspiration to us all, and I will now continue to follow this blog.

    - Chastity Hale

  78. Dear Mrs. Greene,

    My great aunt is 94 and two years ago won a contest for a short story and took the time to write up all she could remember about the family history and sent it to me - she is truly talented and has been an inspiration throughout my life. When I read this story I was so excited to see another inspiring human being that makes me look forward to growing old - Thank you!!

  79. Dear Mrs. Greene,

    I just spent three hours trying to figure out how to post a reply to your blog, and finally had to sign up for my own blog account, all of which I thought was all quite mad and ludicrious. However, I perservered, and am now able to tell you how very much your story on BBC news tonight meant to me. It was amazing! I thought I was seeing an incarnation of my own Gram and she's been gone since 2001, at the age of 94. I miss her more with every day, not less, and so seeing you was wonderful.

    She even grew up in Ohio, after imagrating to the U.S. from Turkey in 1911 with her family, escaping the Great Massacre, where at least 1 million Christians were killed by the Turkish government.

    I too live in my bedrrom, at least for the most part, and I painted the walls in Orchid colors of kiwi green and purply-fushia so I could live in a flower. I am bipolar and have frequent migraines, so my Medical Assistance Service Dog, Bailando (Spanish for dancing) and watch lots of BBC America and movies, read as many books as possible and use our laptop like crazy.

    I look forward to reading your blog more thoroughly and I hope to become one more of your online friends, and maybe you could be a stand-in Grandmother for someone who is going without.

    I always wake up and tell myself that today is another day to fight, that i should find at least one good thing in my day and that I try to give out at least one compliment a day, because you never know when someone may be in need of one.

    Thank you again for your story.

    Hugs and love and puppy kisses from Bailando who thinks they have vitamins,

    Niki Jensen
    Atascadero, California
    Half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco

  80. Phyllis,

    You're a true inspiration and such a beautiful woman. You will not be forgotten.


  81. Dear Mrs Greene
    Hi from Australia
    So great to read of your adventures in blogging. I look forward to reading more of your posts. You look so pretty and your room seems very nice:) Perhaps soon you might be able to post videos of yourself talking to camera to keep us all informed and entertained!
    Best wishes

  82. dear mrs. greene,

    i too saw the bbc article and felt moved to write you a note. not really sure what i want to say beyond i look forward to following your blog and maybe learning some stuff about life etc because, clearly, you have insights worth paying attention to.

    deepest regards,

    don (uk citizen living in madrid)

  83. Hello Mrs. Greene,
    Greetings from Colorado. I found your video article on BBC very moving. I, too, find blogging very beneficial and enjoyable. You have quite a following! God bless you and may you enjoy many more years of blogging and the friendships they bring.

    All the best,

  84. Dear Mrs. Greene,

    I found about your blog from BBC online video. Your blogging effort is amazing.

    Keep blogging


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  86. Greetings from nearby Detroit.

    Great piece on the news and what an inspiration :)

    Keep it up!

  87. Greetings from Belgium, Phyllis. I am Ils Weidener, a 44 years old blogger and I blog every day. I hope I will be able to do that just like you, when I'm 90. You are super! It was so nice reading you :-)
    keep writing!

  88. Wow what an inspiration you are and how fabulous you look at 90! It was soooo wonderful to see such an uplifting story on the news instead of all the saddness we so often see.

    Good for you for being so positive!!! We can all aspire to be like you at 90.

    I too started blogging this year about my change in life from Dubai to a village in Cyprus. Maybe you might like to read it sometime.

    I look forward to following your blog and thank you again for such inspiration.

    Big hug to you from Cyprus.


  89. Dear Phyllis, I was incredibly touched by the video story about you on the BBC. I am now following your blog and looking forward to future posts. Thank you so much for your insights. You are an inspiration to others.
    May God smile on you today....

    Hugs and prayers from Holland DM

  90. Mrs. Greene,

    Hello from Washington DC. Congratulations on becoming a celebrity :) BBC, as always, did a great job and so did you.


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  92. Dear Mrs. Greene,

    Saw your interview on BBC website and felt very warm at heart. There are very so few things in the world as endearing and touching as grandmother's words. I see my grandmother in you. I will follow your blog daily from today!

    Best regards,

  93. I was so happy to see you on BBC.. I hope I will become 90 - and able to still use the computer at that time as well.. Love from Norway!

  94. You're such an inspiration, Phyllis. I look forward to reading more of your posts! Love from Scotland x

  95. Good morning, Mrs. Greene,

    Your candid style of writing is as full of wit and class as it is integrity and comfort. My wife and I are not-quite-a-year-long newly-weds and just bought a house which we're turning into our home -- one paint stroke, light fixture, ceramic tile, and hardwood plank at a time. We're just starting our family.

    It's my hope that when I'm 90 -- should the gracious Maker grant me 6 or so more decades -- I'm glad to be there. My grandmother just turned 91, and we've been without my grandfather, who would be 90 next month, for over a year now; they were married 69 of their years. He was proud. He was content. He was ready.

    Thank you for reminding me of him, and how he embraced every morsel of what was around him, made it his own, and did good with it, with unwavering integrity and a sense of self that is the very definition of a man.

    Kind regards,

    Justin from North Carolina

  96. WOW!!! You are truly an amazing, inspiring woman. If I am ever having a bad day, I will check in to your blog. If I was scared of getting older, I am not now! God Bless you and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

  97. Dear mrs Greene,

    thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts on life with us. I've always admired people with strong spirits like yourself. Keep up the good work! :)

    greetings from the Netherlands,


  98. Dear Mrs. Greene,
    My name is Kristina and I am from Russia. Watching BBC video, firstly, I did not think about my own grandma as many of your new on-line friends did, but about all of the people who are over 60 in my country. Here, they often forget that they are alive. Saying about insignificance of the age, such people clam up. They do not travel, do not have parties and even do not often communicate with anyone at all. However, you speak another language and live so far from my place, Mrs. Greene, you are the greatest example for my fellow citizens how to be afloat. Moreover, you are the inspiration for me to freshen up my acquaintances’ memory of themselves. Dear Mrs. Greene, thank you very very much for You. By writing posts in your blog you do something special.
    with best wishes from a town near Moscow.

  99. A big loving embrace all the way from Cork, Ireland.

    God bless you.

  100. Hello,

    I was so moved by your story. I am living far from my Iowa family in Brussels, Belgium. Nearly 5 years ago I started a blog mainly for my family and especially my Grandmother. Who was in her late 80's and living in hospice. I didn't get to see her very often or even talk, but I knew she was reading my blog. When I would make it home I would print it all out for her and she would then have it to look at when she was lonely. She has now passed and I miss her. I am not sure I could have taught her how to blog herself, but your story has just inspired me sooo. Keep going! and I hope you are not to overwhelmed with the comments! Ciao Jules

  101. Hello Mrs Green,

    I wanted to write to say how amazed I was to see your BBC interview.

    Do keep it up, you now have another fan!

    Much love,

    Paul Marks,
    Sheffield, United Kingdom.

  102. Hi Phyllis,
    I watched your interview in BBC. very inspirational, indeed. Keep up the good.

    Receive my hellos from Iran.

    Good luck

    Ali from Iran

  103. Greetings from Italy!
    You're wonderful!

  104. Let me tell you just one simple thing: You've changed my life! You made me realize all the wonders that life has and all the wonderful things happening around me that I didn't noticed.

    Thank you for all the courage you have and all the 'youthness' you show to us all.

    That's another prove than 'physical' age has nothing to do with the age of our souls.

    God bless you!

  105. Dear Mrs Greene,

    we already think of you fondly! You are an admirable and lovely lady.

    Very best wishes,

    Florina, Hellas

  106. Thank you for the BBC interview, so inspirational. Wish you a wonderful day today.

  107. Very impressive that a woman at 90s is striving to follow with the time, regardless to different obstacles in life)))
    I express a huge respect to You, hoping that You are going to continue communicate and develop Your skills))
    Greetings from Estonia
    PS. Thanks for BBC with a splendid video provided.

  108. Your story reached the small island I live on and touched me deeply. This is what the internet is about, bringing people together regardless of where they might be, and broadening our horizons. Reading your words makes me a better human being. Thank you for your writing. :-)

  109. Hello,

    I saw the article about you on the BBC. I think it's great you are blogging and I really admire you for it. I am so impressed and hope that I can be as happy when I reach your age. Thanks for making my day!

  110. I was touched by your heartfekt story on the BBC and have just spent 30 minutes perusing your writings. You are a gem and it sounds like the whole world agrees! Keep up the good word x

  111. I saw your story on the BBC website and think it's amazing that you're blogging - it's totally inspirational!
    Keep it up :)
    Best Wishes
    Laura (Great Britain/ France)

  112. I also saw you on the BBC website today, you are an inspiration to our younger generations to get up get on and live life. I hope to follow your blog for a long time.

    John Watson UK

  113. Hello Mrs Greene,

    I'm yet another person who was very moved and inspired by your story on the BBC website and am now following your blog. I'm really enjoying reading some of your witty, insightful posts. Thank you for putting your thoughts and feelings out there for us to read.

    May God continue to bless you,
    Eon Hetherton (Scotland)

  114. Mrs. Greene, you are an inspiration to everyone who hears your voice. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I am humbled and encouraged. It just goes to show that it is never to late to pick up a new skill and run with it. I look forward to following you on Blogger.

    Beth (North Carolina, USA)

  115. Hello,
    My name is Juste and I am from a small country Lithuania near the Baltic Sea in Europe.
    Saw the BBC video during the lecture of English at the university and could't resist to write to you.
    I am a blogger for about 3 years now and you started blogging only last year, but I am so happy that you found a way to express yourself, to give something to others, to share your world.
    And I would like to wish you, dear Phyllis Greene, all goodluck in everything you do.

    Best wishes,

    p.s. Sorry about grammar. :)

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  117. I saw the video article on the BBC website and just wanted to say keep up the good work. You're an inspiration to the older generation who are instantly labelled as technophobes simply because of their age.

    I just hope I'm blogging with such eloquence and wit when I'm your age!

    Keep up the good work.

  118. Keep up the good work young lady . ( Jim . UK )

  119. Great to have you in the blogosphere wedeb90.

  120. Mrs Greene,

    I saw the video clip of you on the BBC and I am really inspired as to how the older generation is indeed adapting to use such new technologies.

    I salute your openness and versatility towards new change and phenomena, even though you are nearing the end of your life.

    The spirit of continuous learning that you have should be promoted among all generations, be it young or all; and I believe you would be a highly appropriate ambassador for such a cause, being a continual learner youself.

    I would like to wish you all the best in your future endeavours and may you live long and prosper.

    Warmest Wishes,
    Sean Lee, 16 year-old student, Singapore.

  121. Dear Mrs Greene,

    congratulations for your blogging activity! I hope you will keep up with the good work and inspire also other elderly people to connect to the internet, and possibly to blog. The internet is full of young, ignorant people and a few more experienced elderly people in the blogosphere like you would be a great blessing!

    Best Regards!


  122. Not to overwhelm you further, but I saw the BBC video recently and had to read your blog. I love your perspective, and I hope to continue to follow you for a long time to come.

    Harrisburg, PA

  123. Can only echo what others have said above. Looking forward to reading more about you!

    Best wishes
    Gez, UK

  124. I was so much touched by this BBC video. I am amazed and inspired and speechless! You are such a nice lady and I wish you all the best and good health. I have watched this video in the beginning of my work day and stayed under a very warm and nice impression for the rest of the day. You are just amazing!

    Greetings from Finland.

  125. You are such an amazing lady Mrs Greene! What you say is so true, I am humbled by your video & have been reading through your blogs. May you inspire others! Best wishes, Emma (England)

  126. Dear Mrs Greene,

    congratulations for your initiative!! I am gonna show it to my grandfather that is 98 years old and I am sure he can tell us great stories like you do.

    Greetings from Brazil =)


  127. What a lovely blog. I too have just watched the video on the BBC website and it is so lovely to see someone who has such a positive concept of life.

    I'm glad you are blogging, because you voice is refreshing and mind-opening. I love your style of writing and the way you express yourself.

    Age is no barrier. My mum is 65 now and recently online. She is rather confused by the internet and all these buttons but I shall have to point her in the direction of this blog.

    Take care and I'll be coming back again to read what you have to say.

    Fiona (England)

  128. Hi. I found you via the BBC too. I'm English but live in the Canary Islands of the Coast of Africa, but which belong to Spain - how international is your fame!!!!! I know you will get loads and loads of comments now, and no way will you have time to answer them all, but I hope you have time to read them.

    You don't NEED anyone else to tell you how inspirational you are, but I can't help but say it! I'm 63, started blogging a couple of years back, and get very very frustrated, to the point of anger sometimes when people talk about "age barriers". NOW I can just click on your blog to show them how ridiculous their ideas are!

    Thank you for being you, and thank you for proving to the world that it isn't a downhill road after retirement!!!

  129. Dear Ms Greene

    I'm portuguese, living in Brussels, and I'm so amazed by your blog...
    You can only be a wonderful lady.

    Maria José

  130. Dear Mrs. Greene,

    My friend Khatun sent me a link to your blog - terrific writing! I love your honesty and occasional dig at people - keep it up! I've twittered about the BBC video and put a posting on Omhu's Facebook page (please friend us!). Omhu is a new business I'm launching that aims to change the way people think and feel about aging and disability by making more joyful products (colorful canes etc.) You can visit our website at Would love to stay in touch! XO

    Susan Towers

  131. Dear Mrs. Greene,
    Your story really touched my heart! I will be following your writing from now on and look forward to your next blog post! Keep writing, dreaming, remembering and being wonderful YOU.

  132. Hi Mrs. Greene,
    You and your daughter are an inspiration. Your honesty is a wonderful gift to the world. Thank You Both,
    Helen McKinney, Las Cruces, NM

  133. Dear Mrs. Greene,
    Your story is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Nancy, Ontario, Canada

  134. Hello from cold and grey England! I saw your video on the BBC and am now an avid follower. You are an inspiration and it will be a pleasure to read you posts and share in a little part of your life, I will make a big cup of tea and go back to the start and read them all.
    Bless You.
    Kandi x

  135. Dear Mrs. Green
    I was the video editor on the piece. It was a pleasure to put this together. I have a feeling that you will be hanging around longer than you think.

  136. Dear Phyllis!

    I think your blog is an inspiring example for other old people who have not yet grasped the modern technologies.

    I wish you all the best!

    Wojtek, Poland.

  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. I have just watched the BBC report. I feel amazed. Thank you to have put joy in my life.

  139. Hello Mrs.Greene,
    Hope you are doing great.. just came across your video from BBC. This is awesome. I am a blogger too( but nothing really inspired me more than you. Really good to see you & want more writings from you, no matter whatever the topic is. I wish you all the best & every happiness. May almighty God gives you the peace to your mind & soul. Thank you very very much for your time that you are sharing with us through your blog post. Lots of love.


  140. Way to go, girl - as the saying goes. You are an inspiration to a lot of people. Keep it up.

  141. Yes, dear Mrs. Greene. I WILL remember you fondly, just as I think of you fondly today. I just now watched the BBC interview, and it was wonderful, and you and your daughter both looked beautiful! You're just a shining jewel, and I thank you for letting us all watch you sparkle! This world can always use a little sparkle! Love to you and yours. ♥

  142. Hello Mrs. Greene,

    I just saw the piece about you on the BBC and you have just instantly gained another fan! You spoke so eloquently and wisely, I hope many more people are able to hear what you have to say. Best Wishes, Belinda (Canada)

  143. Wede, you continue to amaze and delight... we miss you so, but it was great to see you on my computer, watching the BBC segment from here in my hotel room in New York!

    Much love,


  144. I found your blog after seeing your BBC interview. You are truly an inspiration!

  145. Isn't it lovely how you have become a catalyst for world-wide conversation that reveals our shared humanity. Wishing you health, happiness & many years of sharing your wisdom that can only help to strengthen understanding and compassion within earth's diverse human family. Best wishes from Texas prairie farm.

  146. Saw your BBC interview and was great to see you, made my day really, your friend from Puerto Rico.... :)

  147. Hello from Houston, Texas! Your writing is wonderful and makes me think of my departed great grandmother and great aunt. I hope you are feeling well and I look forward to reading your posts.

  148. Dear Ms. Greene

    Thanks for the message that you bring, really is an inspiration, in this times is hard appreciate the small details that makes wonderful the life. Thanks to the BBC who offer the opportunity to meet such a lovely person.

    Definitely you are going to touch many lifes now!


    P.S. I think you have a beautiful heart (no terrible) ;)
    Please forgive my mistakes if any. English is not my native language, I'm still learning it.

  149. You are an inspiration and such an example! Thank you for sharing your life with us! Shelley

  150. Dear Ms Greene,

    I'm a 29 year old Spanish girl. I've just seen your interview in BBC and felt I needed to send you a big hug and my admiration. I loved sitting next to my grandma in the hospice where she lived. Somehow, you reminded me of her, so brilliant and intelligent, despite the fact she could hardly see, but young at her 94.

    Now I think how worthy it would be for all of us if we could have and read the stories and feelings of people like my grandma and you. It's so inspiring...

    You touched my heart. I'll be reading at the other side.

    Thank you very much.


  151. Phyllis you are truly amazing. Today happens to be my mother's 80th birthday. I love your post that begins "when I was young and 80". I can't wait to share that with her. I think it is fantastic that you've found a new adventure, even from the confines of a hospice house. Cheers! You're awesome!

  152. Congratulations and thank you. You made me reflect about many important things in life. Keep on writing :)


  153. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm originally from Wisconsin but am currently studying in Thailand. I saw the video clip on the BBC Mundo website. Looking at your other comments, it seems you are an international star! Praying that God sends his best to you!


  154. You are what I hope to be when I make it to 90, assuming I do :) Your blog is fantastic, I will continue to follow.

  155. This comment has been removed by the author.

  156. I just watched you on BBC. I was very moved by what you had to say about sharing the wonderful things you experience with others. Thank you. I love your outlook on life.
    My husband and I are expecting a baby in November. I think the baby may come a couple weeks early and be an Oct. baby. We live in a cabin, but!! It has a dishwasher and a washing machine and dryer. It's less expensive then what we could find in the city to rent & on 33 acres. It's surrounded by the woods & for a woman from Alaska (me) it's the most wonderful find ever. We found the cabin through a community page called Craigslist. We were/are delighted. We have to commute to work, but that is the only downside.

    Our landlord lives on the property and so we are never lonley. Infact, our landlord who is 70 helped us to plant a large garden this summer. I have never done large scale organic gardening before. We are now feasting on strawberries, peas, rasberries & tomato. I think we will have squash coming out our ears soon.

    We are getting ready to leave for a wedding.

    Look forward to your future posts.

    Best Cheers~

  157. How perfectly lovely you are. Thank you for sharing with us. You've just made my day. I'm looking forward to continuing to read your blog!

  158. Dear Phyllis - may I be so informal as to call you Phyllis? I lost my husband to cancer 3 months ago and just spent a few minutes enjoying your thoughts on life. I, too, think hospice is wonderful, my husband died at home safe in the comfort of all that was familiar.

    I hope you are feeling well today and that you have many days to come. Please keep blogging for those of us who need to keep in touch with a world that has suddenly changed and will never be the same again. You made me smile which has been very hard to do. Thank you.

    Bev Manning

  159. Hi Phyllis,

    Jack & Janice Roth's daughter,Maren, here. Just wanted to tell you how inpspiring you are to me. I love seeing all your posts on FB and just watched the BBC piece and it was amazing! Sending love. xx, Maren

  160. Hi Phyllis,

    Jack & Janice Roth's daughter,Maren, here. Just wanted to tell you how inpspiring you are to me. I love seeing all your posts on FB and just watched the BBC piece and it was amazing! Sending love. xx, Maren

  161. Dear Ms. Greene
    I was thrilled watching the BBC news!
    I'm from Caracas, Venezuela. Excuse my English is not very good but did not want to miss the opportunity to tell that you are more than an inspiration, an example to follow!
    It seems to me that you are very young and fully understands the concept of living forever with the soul ready to explore!
    I'm a blogger too, is in Spanish and I love this life that we share a common taste even if we've ever seen in life. Continue blogging, that already has a fan that Venezuela will continue to read!
    A hug and a thousand blessings!

    Maiskell Sánchez
    Fotográfa y bloguer Venezolana!

  162. I was just watching the video on BBC about you! I find it very impressive and inspiring that you blog. You made me want one of these accounts just so I could follow you and read your blogs. I've always liked to see what crosses other people's minds. I'm hoping your video will reach other people because you could really inspire people in many ways!

    Thanks for reading this and no matter what's going on in your life, you're always going to be in my prayers!

    Love and thanks!,

  163. You are fantastic and inspiring.

  164. Dear Mrs. Greene,

    It is a grey, cloudy morning here in London. But after just seeing your videoclip on the internet, I know that my day will be a joyous one.

    You are so inspiring. Bless you.

  165. It's my 46th birthday today Phyllis, I live near London, I'm a wife, and mother of 2. I was surfing whilst my husband makes lunch and I came upon your film. You have inspired me, as you seem to have inspired others. Your family are very lucky to have your wise words and lovely smile in their lives, have a great day today X

  166. Dear Mrs Greene,

    I too saw you on the BBC News video clip. I think it is fascinating that you have touched and inspired so many people from all over the world. I am also thrilled that you have embraced new technology in this way and have taken up bloging. Many people are afraid of the internet and computers. I hope you will be a shining example to them and a guiding light.

    With best wishes,

  167. Hello, Mrs. Greene. I'm using the google translator to write you. I'm from Brazil and saw you on the Internet. You are
    an inspiration for us all. Congratulations!

  168. Hi, Have a nice day.
    Best wishes.

    from Hong Kong.

  169. Dear Ms. Greene,

    I'm a 27 year old from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and I heard about you over the internet. I love how you are not afraid of technology. Please keep writing, I love to read your blogs!

    - Hassaan Khalid


  171. It was a wonderful story and you are to be congratulated for taking this on Ms. Greene. You stand as inspiration for many seniors.

  172. Phyllis Greene good story I like to have that strength when you have your age, you can visit my blog and write something for the Latino community.

  173. Hello Ms Greene, Greetings from Finland. It is awesome to see BBC-article and realized again that the age is no meaningfull at all :)

  174. Hello Phyllis,

    I just saw the clip about you on the BBC. I am a south-american man living in Germany. You just reminded be how important time is. I will write my family more often.

    You describe the small and simple things of every day life and I believe that is exactly what makes sense.

    Thanks for writing and keep up the good work.


  175. Hello Ms Greene,

    I am a 21-year old college student, and I too, like many other commentators on your post, saw your BBC video clip via a friend's Facebook post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with the world, and please keep writing! I love reading about your blog posts, it makes me appreciate people like you and the world so much more!

    Cheers from San Diego,


  176. Was so touched! Thank you so very much. I'm SOOO going to get my Granny to start doing this, she has the most amazing stories, she is an inspiration and I adore her!

    Michelle from Johannesburg, South Africa

  177. Hello.

    What a great inspiration you must have been to many people.. I loved the BBC article.

    I remember watching my Late Gran on the Computer, talking on Skype to my Uncle, not even questioning the technology, but just enjoying it. And, even then thinking, it's a shame more 'older' people don't take advantage of technology to keep their minds active.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, I will certainly be following

    London UK

  178. I proud for you. Long live Mam.

  179. Greetings from Germany! You are an inspiration to people of all ages; thank you for sharing your story!