Sunday, September 26, 2010

Legally Legal

The other day, I discovered that my handicapped parking permit had expired in July. Not that it should matter, because I am going no where--no where, at all.

 But what if I did need to go to a doctor in an emergency, which I won't, because I am in Hospice. But, really-- what if?  And my daughter found a handicap space,  she got me in the wheel chair, and we had no permit and .....

One of the deadly sins to me, is to use a space to which you are not entitled; interpreted broadly, it is fair to say that I value integrity above all other virtues. And so for good measure, I contacted the Ohio Bureau of Motor vehicles. (Permit division).

(They answer their phone, which is more than I can say for their drivers' liscence division. Mine is due to renew on October 20, and because there is no circumstance in the world to get me behind the wheel, I do need a valid ID, I suppose.)

Back to the permit people. I gave them the id# on the card, and explained that I was sure I had had the request  to my doctor before July rolled around, and that he had returned it. Needless to say, I was a little preoccpied at the time. They had no record of this, so they will send me a new request form. Don't hold your breath, it will be sent in two to three weeks time.

P.S. I reached Susan Hospice on Friday afternoon and the table was delivered at 7:00 p.m. It's working great.


  1. I have the same values as you, i'm 32 years old and i hate to see people using a space that they are not suppose to be using, this goes against my values. However, one day when i was going to delivered the forms to be able to graduate i dared to parked my car (I was in a hurry) in a disabled parking permit area and the only time that i did this and I got a ticket, and i swear that i was only gone for two minutes, anyway,I ended up paying 350 dollars. :-)i'm glad that you're getting yours.

  2. Hello again Mrs Greene,

    so..."all is well that ends well" and "necessity is a powerful weapon".

    Bye for now.

    ps Thanks again Sue.

  3. i once dropped into a library for 5 minutes, parked in the wrong spot, and when i came out there was a very bad tempered note on my windscreen!

  4. Hi Mrs.Greene! I came across your blogger page and find your blogs quite interesting and so I am now following you :) I am glad to hear that the table arrived and is working great! Take care

  5. Hello Mrs. Greene,

    I watched the video on BBC and was really touched by your story. Thank you for sharing your words with the world. I'm glad to hear that your table has arrived.

  6. Mrs. Greene,

    I have just started following your blog after being sent the video you made about blogging. I want to assure you, you are an inspiration and you have impacted many lives and will be remember fondly. With that being said, KEEP BLOGGING!! You have a lot offer and I'm really enjoying getting to know you!

    Mary Smart from Iowa, USA.

  7. I agreed with the officer that there is no circumstance for you to be behind the wheel.

    But if you insist, they should give you one.