Monday, November 1, 2010

Euthnanized Enthusiasm

In the '60's, when I was in my '40's, we plaintively asked, "Where have all the flowers gone?" Now I am in my '90's. and we are well into the next century, I plaintively ask, "Where has all my enthusiasm gone"?" I am too lethargic by half, and, once a political wonk, I now, hardly, my dears, give a  damn.

I miss getting excited, I miss getting involved, I miss being passioante about something-- about anything. (Even at 91, I miss being passionate about passion, itself.) And all of this, at long last, is what aging is.

The election, tomorrow, would have had me worked up into a fine lather. I definitely have my preferences, but not enough to stay up into the wee hours of the morning. I certainly prefer Strickland to Kasich; I prefer Fisher to DeWine; it may be close ( the Governor, anyhow), but I am not going to want to escape to Canada or Outer Mongolia even if my candidates lose. Even when Ohio State loses.

Maybe it is alright to smother my enthusiasm; maybe, finlly, at my age, I have a little perspective on life.

I liked the other me better; but this is the me I've got.


  1. I wonder if we 'smother' our enthusiasm, Phyllis, or if it just weakens when we do?

    Lethargy has engulfed me, from time to time, since I had an operation last year, and I understand what you mean by 'missing' some things.

    Still, we who can write about our passion, or lack thereof, as the case may be, are fortunate, and I often feel sad for those who do not even have that to, maybe, lift their spirits.

    Keep writing. It certainly helps to lift my spirits...:-)

  2. i love all of you, no matter how enthused you are or aren't..continue to do 'your best' it's all that's asked of you....xo