Monday, October 11, 2010

Wede I be

 It suddenly dawned on me that you know that wedeb90, but, for many of my new friends, you know little more about me than that I am in Hospice care, have a bad (but loving) heart and observe life, primarily, from my bed. Which has its benefits, believe it or not.

What you cannot know is: once I was as busy as anybody in town. I truly love my community, and it is much more exceptional than is generally assumed. Quantifiably exceptional. We have the number #1Lbrary in the country and the number #1 Zoo, among other bragging rights.  I have been a lifetime volunteer, and even worked for the Mayor and the city at one time.

I keep referring to my DD, which translates to Designated Daughter, and her nom de plume is D.G. Fulford. Do I have you utterly confused yet? Well, she and I wrote a book together called Designated Daughter, the bonus years with Mom. She describes the last twelve years since she moved home from Nevada to be my ever-ready, ever-steady other half. I contributed my own reactions to her actions, and the book (excuse the commercial) is available in hard back wherever books are sold. Or in your libraries in the many countries where so many of your reside.

All the other clues I drop about me and my lucky life give me, I hope, form and shape. Just know how appreciative I am, and how much your comments mean to me.


  1. As someone who has personally benefited from her service to the community, I can personally attest to her leadership. The university I served for over 20 years awarded Phyllis an honorary Doctorate in Community Leadership. She honored us by accepting it even though her heart was acting up during the ceremony. She served as a member of the Board of Trustees for over 20 years, Chair, and Trustee Emeritus. I often tell people she was the first member of the board to have an email address.

    Paul Otte, President Emeritus, Franklin University

  2. Personally, I am not surprised by Mrs Greene's leadership skills. She is a brilliant woman and all of us we have noticed that. Although it is very kind of you Mr. Otte to give us a thoughtful insight to Mrs Greene's world.

    Best of luck with your book Mrs Greene.

  3. And what title would 'wedeb90' like one to use when addressing her on this blog?

    Do you prefer, Mrs. Green, Ms. wedeb90, Phyllis or other? But a nice 'other' is what I mean, should you prefer one :-)

    I read your blog regularly, but am not quite sure which title you would prefer one to use when commenting on your entries here!

    Áine (the 'Mise'(Gaelic) in my name stands for 'Me')

  4. Please call me Phyllis... we are all friends, here. And thank yoi.

  5. I'm not a blogguer but I just wanted to say hello !! I saw you from Uruguay on the internet and you made me cry.
    Of course we will remind you, your great spirit and beautiful smile :)


    (ps. i hope you can understand my english haha)

  6. I am trying to squeeze as much action into my waking hours of my life as I can possibly manage, because who knows when the tide will change and I become a full time observer. At the rate I am going that might be a big relief! Two days ago I surfed a big winter swell until I couldn't raise my arms to paddle any more. Yesterday I did my official work day...another 4am to 10pm non stop. This morning I woke at 4am feeling surrounded by trash in my yard. I loaded the truck twice and heaved it all into the rubbish pile at the dump and I felt so free and light and unencumbered! I only wish my truck was bigger or that one could legally make more than two dump trips on Saturday. I wonder what I am really trying to throw out of my life that wasn't in the truck? Perhaps if I sat still and observed I would have the answer...I love your posts from the "quiet perspective". Do you hear the sounds of nature from your room in Hospice? I would miss that the most.