Monday, May 17, 2010

A'panting we will go

My (laughingly-called) wardrobe is old and tired. That puts me and my clothes in the same boat, and if I rejuvenate the one (clothes), maybe the other one (me) will be perked up. I'm not looking to be high-styled, never was, never will be. But, truly, I need new pants. I do own some decent (old) tops, which just will have to do. How wrong can you go with Talbots, circa 2000?

The problem is, pants; nice tailored pants are hard to come by. DG said she would go shopping for me, and I told her I thought jeans were not age-appropriate for me. She burst out laughing. Where do you draw the line, she asked? They were okay for you at 90, but at 90 1/2, they aren't? I think that is it. I am really over that 90 line,and no more jeans for me.

So, good designated daughter that she is, she bought me some pants, just like the tan pants I already have, but newer.

Obviously, clothes just aren't my thing and this is the last time I will discuss them publicly. But you may see me out in public one of these days, so please notice my pants.

Or what you can see of them as I sit. And sit. And sit.


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  2. Mrs. Greene, (or if I might, may I call you Wede?)

    You don't know me, but I can vouch for how small this world often seems. I was reading over my homepage, BBC News, and saw a video about a 90 year old blogger and I was intrigued. That woman is you - a fellow Buckeye, right in my own backyard!

    It has truly been a joy reading your blog. I find myself being inspired, entertained, and enlightened all at the same time. I enjoy reading your memories about local landmarks and figures, laughing with your sense of humor, and feeling the emotions which you so clearly convey. In fact, this particular post reminds me so much of my grandmother that it brought joyful tears of remembrance to my eyes. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

    Please keep writing (as I know you will) and never lose that wit and charm of yours. It sounds like you have a lovely family who loves you very much and I look forward to hearing more of your stories and insight! I hope that you are doing well!

    Take care ... and ... "O-H-" :)