Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everybody talks about

     The weather. Always have, always will. From the meaningless "how do you like this heat," to the inane "this is some snow," it is a sure conversation starter.

     But I am really not blogging about the ten inches on my lawn, or repeat how blessed I am that my caregivers are making it to me in a Level 2 emergency. Yet, the truth is that the snow is almost up to the mailbox on its' high stand at the top of my drive, and these wonderful women continue to be true to they're calling and to me.

     When Bob called last evening, as the snow was  continuing to fall, he asked what was my level of anxiety.  I answered honestly; Zero.

     By now, you are scratching your head and wondering why in the world am I even writing, saying a lot of nothing.

     I am writing because I cannot not write!  I can Facebook or real book,  Shadow Tag, by Louise Erdrich. It is making me think a lot. These are weird people; do they love or hate each other, they are destroying their children in the tension. It is a lot more interesting than how I have chosen to spend this half hour.

     But write I must.  It is not my Judeo-Christian work ethic or my need to be creative.

     It seems to be a basic need. 

     Now I feel better.


  1. And I feel better, too, now that I have read your words. Keep 'em coming! Love Babette.

  2. I HAVE to read, and from time to time have wished for the same intense desire to write, but just never had it. I've known other "writers", and had already observed that difference between us, and so I'll continue to do what I do best, and I'll continue to be thankful for you great writers! Just do it! :-)

  3. Thanks Babette and Vicki. Bless this laptop and the whole cyber world out there.