Wednesday, February 10, 2010

about loyalty, and commitment, and high personal standards

     When Bob died, those long years ago, I made one of the best decisions I have ever made. I bought long term health care insurance. As always, I over- analysed and studied and compared policies and, in the end, based my choice as much on the salesman as on the benefits. I had been thoughtful, but also, it turned out, lucky!

     Wedeb90 is not just the blog title,  but an accurate description. I am 90; I think I am pretty good for 90, but there are too many things I cannot do. Little things. Open the top of a fresh bottle of water--or even walk to the refrigerator to get the water. Change a roll of toilet paper. Manage my check book. Get the morning paper at the door. After years of being able to do almost everything, it is difficult not to do anything.

      But I have my wonderful care-givers and this blog is an effort to express my appreciation for them. It's not only how well they do their job; they are all STNA (state-tested nurses assistants) and each one is good at dressing and bathing and cooking. They bring to their work a greater gift. The gift of themselves.  They are Jehovah's Witnesses and they live all the ethical canons of the Bible.

     Not only in their professional role, but in their personal life, they do justice, are merciful, and walk humbly with Jehovah. Honest to a fault, dedicated to their client, they have managed in this second terrible Ohio winter to be here on time and on duty in blizzards and on ice-covered roads. 

     I read that some mailmen have abandoned their route until the streets are safer. I'm glad that they are lightening up a little on that "neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night" bit. Yet nothing will stay my people from their appointed rounds.

     To put a more personal face on this, let me tell you a little about them.  Rosie came from Jamaica, six years ago, and now has a degree in Health Information Management.  Lise is from Rwanda and is about to enter college to become a LPN.  Michelle has been doing this work for some years and her experience should qualify her for an advanced medical degree of some kind, too.  And Jackie is the strength behind them all, doing the staffing and scheduling and the transportation, when needed, and buying me bulk items on her Sam's Club card.

     For all those dedicated people who work their way through school, I doff my hat.  I am the recipient of that work ethic, and in that, I am blessed.

     But the best part is that they are my friends. We laugh together and, on occasion, cry. I welcome them each with joy, and I hope they are as happy to see me as I am to see them.


  1. Loyalty and care are gifts from above--however we define above. Your caregivers, Rosie, Lise, Michelle, and Jackie let us all rest easier and we can never thank them enough. Selfishly, all designated daughters (and sons), can never thank our caregivers enough, and are oh so happy that our mothers (and fathers) enjoy them as much as we do. Write on Wede.

  2. OMG Rosie this is just wonderful, I feel all mushy inside!!!!